About Me

Yep, that's me! Lacie!

Single mom. East Tennessee raised. I am as goofy as could be & love making people laugh! I love coffee cups, magnets & binge watching! I fully believe that if I let my ego stop me from being my true self around you, how can I expect you to be your true self around me?

I have always been the one behind the camera at family events & we were always the family who couldn't afford family pictures! Because of this, I want to be an affordable option to come to for each & every individual and family!

What do you picture when you hear the word "divine"?

I picture sunsets & oceans. Waterfalls in mountain sides. The stars in the galaxy. The universe...

But most importantly, I picture you. Yes, you. Reading this right now. I picture the way your face lights up when you see someone you love. The way you giggle when you hear something funny. I see you embracing your loved ones, enjoying their presence.

I imagine the men that are breaking the toxic masculinity stigma & women finding inner peace through solitude. Survival stories of Dark Horses that weren't supposed to make it this far. Have you ever felt the BEAUTY of a husband & wife who are breaking generational curses of divorce & poverty? It is simply beautiful. Absolutely Divine. These are the perspectives I am capturing. I don't want to just capture a posed picture of smiling faces, I want to capture the story behind those smiles.

So, when you choose me, prepare for laughs & giggles to be captured, kids to be running & playing, & hugs & kisses to be shared between loved ones! Prepare for stories to be told & connections to be made! &, of course, some posed pictures along the way! Hopefully, you felt what I felt as you read this. & if that is the case, then we just might be the right fit for each other!

Meet my fun-loving family!

Pictured are my two sweet, beautiful boys, RJ (8) & Gidean (4)!